Spring has begun! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and, finally, your home starts to warm up. It has been a long winter and now it is time to turn on the air conditioning! As expected, it starts right up and starts cooling your home, but is that it? Is it ready to run for the whole summer?

Manufacturers recommend your cooling and heating equipment be serviced 2 times per year in our climate. Once in the spring and again in the fall. The spring tune-up is important for the cooling side and the fall tune-up is important for the heating side. Both are very impactful to how efficiently the system operates and how long of a life it will have.

Every year, mailboxes are filled with tune-up special flyers and mailers. Some of them have great value,
but unfortunately, most are filled with one goal in mind, sell. That’s why we have made it easy. We
created a new age tune-up that we call an A/C Rejuvenation.

When you have a tune-up performed on your air conditioning system, you should make sure the
condenser coil is washed. This is one of the most important services performed on a cooling tune-up. If
the condenser is not cleaned, higher utility bills and breakdowns are likely to occur. Your air conditioning
system creates condensation that drains into the plumbing system. These drain lines need to be cleared
and cleaned during your tune-up. This will prevent water overflows that can be costly.

Lastly during your rejuvenation, you will receive an inspection sheet showing you everything that was
tested with results. Keep these results for your records.

Ultimately, you decide who comes in your home. Make sure to keep the above topics in mind when
your service is being performed. The main goal of maintenance should be to maintain, and extend the
life of, your equipment.

– Dustin Neff, Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating

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