If you can’t get comfortable at home even with the AC on, it’s probably July and it’s time to look at dehumidifiers in Highland Village, TX. At Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating, we have some excellent ones. The best dehumidifiers are whole-house models that draw moisture from the air as it circulates, automatically draining it away. We see over 80 percent humidity during muggy summers, but recommended indoor humidity levels are 30 to 50 percent. When you get down to those numbers, your home feels several degrees cooler, saving a lot of energy in Highland Village.

    Dehumidifiers in Highland Village, TX

    Efficient Dehumidifiers in Highland Village

    Comfort is the main reason we install dehumidifiers for our customers. There are several other important reasons. Keeping moisture down keeps mold and mildew growth under control, reducing that “musty” smell. It benefits your wood floors and furniture that are sensitive to moisture levels, and even helps with allergy symptoms. With our climate, we often recommend the best dehumidifiers, high-efficiency models. They work hard with lower energy costs, and actually take some burden off of your AC system since you’ll feel cooler. Our skilled technicians perform installation at your convenience.

    Dehumidifiers let you set your AC a bit higher and be comfortable. They also:
    • Provide drains you don’t have to empty
    • Keep your whole house drier during summer
    • Reduce condensation and mold and mildew growth
    • Make your skin more comfortable and reduce hair “frizzing”
    • Stop wooden doors and furniture drawers from sticking

    Efficient Dehumidifiers in Highland Village

    Air conditioners remove moisture from the air as part of their operation, but mostly when they’re working hard. On a muggy day, drying out the air with AC will make it pretty cold inside! Dehumidifiers keep the humidity stable independently.

    Your Source for the Best Dehumidifiers

    BBBAt Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating, our family-owned company provides top quality HVAC services in Highland Village and the local area as we have for over 50 years. Three generations of Huffs have kept families and businesses comfortable at reasonable prices. We provide personalized service that makes our customers smile and of course, have a BBB A+ rating. With our local climate we know the best dehumidifiers to recommend because we install a lot of them! We’re active in the community, from local charities to Dustin Neff’s role in guiding local HVAC education for students. It all started in 1949 with grandpa Neff’s talent at fixing just about anything, which seems to have been passed down. We look forward to helping your family.

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    Great service is a family tradition at Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating. Let us help you with the best dehumidifiers in Highland Village. Call today! We also provide heating services and cooling services.