When you need better indoor air quality or to remove germs from your home or business facility, opt for germicidal UV lights in Irving, TX, installed by our pros at Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the air in your home can be up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors!

    Germicidal UV Lights in Irving, TX

    If you’re concerned that your family or pets are constantly getting sick, or if you want to protect visitors to your school, healthcare facility, or business from germs, using UV-C lamps can help dramatically cut down the presence of these in the air and on surfaces. When you need reliable indoor air purification and expert installation of a germicidal lamp system, contact Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating!

    Expert UV-C Installation in Irving

    Germicidal lamps use ultraviolet radiation to break down the chemical bonds between atoms and electrons in viruses and bacteria, removing them at the molecular level. This purifies the air in your house and makes it more sterile for people and animals to breathe. Although ultraviolet light is harmful to the eyes and the skin when you’re exposed to it, when used in UV-C lamps, it’s not dangerous for people or pets. It purifies your air and disinfects surfaces without leaving a chemical residue.

    There are a lot of benefits to using UV-C lamps for air purification, like:
    • Eradicate bacteria and viruses, including the Covid-19 virus
    • Continuous disinfecting and purification capabilities
    • Proven effective and successful disinfection method
    • Can be used in numerous locations

    Expert UV-C Installation in Irving

    When bacteria and viruses are broken down at the molecular level, they can no longer reproduce and spread. This means that your air is purer and will remain more sterile than it would otherwise. UV-C lamp purification is a tested and proven method of indoor air sterilization and is more effective than using chemicals on surfaces. It can help protect schools, healthcare facilities, and your home from disease-causing germs and even make the air breathable and better smelling. Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating can recommend the right kinds of germicidal lamps for your needs and complete all your installation, repairs, and maintenance.

    Dependable Germicidal Lamp Installation

    Since 1949, Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating has been taking care of customers in the Irving area, providing expert HVAC and air purification services. A lot has changed in the seventy years we’ve been in business but our dedication to the highest quality workmanship and customer has not. We are a proud Lennox authorized dealer and offer comprehensive germicidal UV air purification services in addition to our heating and cooling service.

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    Excellent service, remarkable customer care, and budget-friendly rates can go hand in hand. Contact Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating for a UV-C lamp in Irving today! We also provide cooling services and heating services.