Have you ever heard the saying, “it is not your system, it is your ductwork?” This saying is something we educate our clients on quite often. Have you ever tried to run while breathing through a straw? It is near impossible to do. The same concept applies to your air conditioner. If the ductwork is not designed and installed properly, the system will not run as efficiently as it should, which will lead to poor performance, uncomfortable rooms, and early break downs. A duct system that is professionally designed and sealed can make your home more comfortable, energy-efficient, and provide cleaner air.

In our industry, we see that 40% of systems installed failed to meet the minimum airflow criterion with barely 20% being inside the range specified by manufacturers. We also know that a 20% deficiency in airflow reduces the efficiency of the system by 17%. This costs you money! Another major issue we come across is unsealed and undersized return ducts. A 15% return air leak in a 120-degree attic can reduce the efficiency by up to 50%.

A big focus of Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating’s has been educating clients on what a professionally designed duct system will do for their comfort and their bank account. Replacing a system that is not performing properly might not be what is causing the problems, it is more than likely the ductwork that is causing the performance issue. If you are having issues with your system, make sure to have someone run a test on the ductwork before replacing it because remember, it might not be your system that is having issues, it’s your ductwork.

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