Space heaters are a great way to heat pinpointed areas of your home in the winter. However, portable heating units pose safety risks that you should familiarize yourself with before purchasing and using a space heater. Use these safety tips to keep your family cozy without compromising safety.

Know-How To Use Your Space Heater

The first step to keeping your home safe when using heating equipment is to read the instructions. Even if you think you know how to properly use your space heater, there may be unique controls that apply to a specific model.

In addition to familiarizing yourself with the manual, be sure that any safety or warning labels that come with the unit are displayed. While you may know how to safely use your space heater, a family member may not be aware of all of the precautions to take.

Certain space heaters are designed for indoor versus outdoor use. Be sure to use only indoor space heaters indoors and to keep outdoor space heaters outside as they could release toxic gases.

Place Your Space Heater in a Safe Place

Consumer Reports advises that space heaters should never be used in the proximity of any flammable materials. Keep your space heater away from clothing, curtains, and rugs. Units should always be placed on even surfaces that are not made of flammable materials.

If you are trying to heat a garage or shed, opt for a different method. Products stored in your garage or shed including paint cans and gasoline should never be in the same area as a space heater.

Never Leave a Space Heater Unattended

While it may seem obvious that any heating unit should not be left unattended, it is important to remember that this includes times when everyone in your home is sleeping. In addition to turning off the unit when it is unattended and not in use, space heaters should be unplugged completely to ensure that the unit cannot heat up.

If you’re having heating issues that make space heaters a necessity in your home, contact Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating today. Our experienced team of technicians can inspect, maintain and repair your heating system to ensure comfort and safety all winter.

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