Fall is finally here! As our North Texas temperatures start to cool, it means it’s time to get your home’s heater ready for winter weather. February’s “Winterpocalypse” really took a toll on many heating systems. We saw that 95% of service calls had issues that could have been avoided with preventive maintenance. Ignoring maintenance of your system could mean your system is underperforming, unsafe, or simply won’t run at all. The great thing is, there are two things you can do to prevent a system breakdown or a safety issue for your family!

The first thing you can do to help make sure your system is ready to go for the winter is to change the filter. Dirty filters are the number one cause of heater failure, so make sure those filters are changed regularly.
The second thing you can do is to schedule your heater’s maintenance to be performed by a trained professional. We have special tools that are required for heating tune-ups, as well as thousands of hours of training to ensure your system is prepared to operate safely and efficiently.

For gas-operated heating systems, a trained professional should:

  1. Check for gas leaks at the heater.
  2. Inspect the heat exchanger to look for any cracks that could let Carbon Monoxide escape into the home.
  3. Ensure the gas pressures are set correctly.
  4. Perform the initial heater start-up and make sure the system is operating properly.

For Heat Pump systems, a trained professional should:

  1. Wash the outdoor unit with a foaming, dirt removing, coil cleaner. This helps the system breathe and allows it to heat the home better.
  2. Make sure the Heat Pump is coming on and operating properly. If it is not operating properly, it could lead to an unexpectedly high utility bill.
  3. Ensure the emergency heat strips are operating properly and coming on when they are supposed to.

When the temperatures start to drop to 65°, it is time to call us to get your home’s heater ready for winter weather. With properly trained technicians and family service based right here in Flower Mound, we are ready to help you avoid a breakdown this winter. Call us for your heat system maintenance today at 972-440-1065.

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