Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating Energy Savings Club Membership

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Your air conditioning and heating equipment are some of the most vital appliances in your home. Your heater keeps you warm when winter temperatures plummet to freezing levels, and likewise, your air conditioner makes the brutal heat and humidity of summer tolerable. Even small problems can have some pretty serious consequences, so it’s best to do whatever you can to avoid issues for as long as possible. This is made possible by regular, professional maintenance. Getting this maintenance for your system is easy: you’ll get superior protection for your HVAC equipment when you join the Energy Savings Club at Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating!

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The Energy Savings Club is an annual maintenance agreement that features a number of outstanding benefits and perks for homeowners. For a low monthly cost, you’ll receive the finest in protection and care for your heating and cooling system, including two annual maintenance services designed to encourage optimal operation and superior longevity. A properly maintained system is one that runs better, saves you energy, breaks down less often, and even keeps you more comfortable all year long. With so much to gain from regular tune-up services, joining our maintenance program is a no-brainer!

We even offer two different levels of protection! Our “Gold” level membership costs just $24.00 per month and our “Platinum” level membership is just $29.00 per month.* Join now by filling out our application below or give us a call today!

Benefits of Club Membership

In addition to maintenance and tune-up services, plan members receive a number of other outstanding benefits. Plan members become VIPs here at Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating, meaning you’ll receive additional privileges, great discounts, extra privileges and protections, and a number of other outstanding perks that make keeping your home comfortable a breeze!

Here are just a few of the other great benefits of joining the Energy Savings Club at Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating:
  • Great discounts: 10% off for Gold members and 15% off for Platinum members on all repairs and service fees.
  • Reduced service fees: Pay just $69 per unit in service fees as an Energy Savings Club member when you need a repair service!
  • Industry-leading warranties: Enjoy up to two years (for gold members) or up to five years (for platinum members) of warranty protection on all standard repair work we offer.
  • Priority service: Jump to the head of the line when you need your system serviced!
  • No overtime charges: Got a big job? We’ll waive all overtime charges and save you even more!
  • Complimentary microbial air duct swab: Receive a free air duct swab with a microbial coating every two years, keeping bacteria from decreasing your air quality.

Build Credit Toward a New System Installation

Perhaps one of the single greatest benefits of being a plan member is that every plan member will build credit toward the purchase of a new system. As a plan member, you’ll receive either $50 (for gold members) or $100 (for platinum members) in credit for every year you are a member. When the time comes to replace your system completely, that credit will apply toward the cost of your new system. That could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the cost of your new air conditioning and heating system over the life of your current HVAC equipment!

For example, if you purchase a brand-new system today and back it up with a Platinum plan membership, you’ll receive $100 per year that you retain your membership. If your system lasts a full 20 years, you’ll have obtained a credit of $2,000 that you can use toward the cost of your new system!

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What are you waiting for? Sign up for our Energy Savings Club and get the maintenance and upkeep services your system needs! Contact Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating today.

*Listed prices are for a first system only. Additional systems are an additional $20 per month for gold-level members and $24 for platinum-level members. All systems in your home must be on the same membership level.