Air conditioning can provide cool comfort during hot summer days. However, you may find that even with the air conditioner turned on, your home still feels humid. There are several reasons why this may be the case. The reasons may include outdoor weather conditions, problems with your air conditioner, or certain circumstances in your house. This can not only be bothersome, but it can also lead to health issues, damage to your home, and damage to your air conditioner. Luckily, if you’re able to pinpoint the issue, you can find a solution or seek the right professional help.

7 reasons why your home is humid with the ac running

1. AC Condenser Coils Need Cleaning

One reason your home is humid with the air conditioner running could be dirty condenser coils. Condenser coils are an important component of air conditioners. They use refrigerants to take heat and moisture from the indoor air and release the heat outdoors. A buildup of dirt, grime, and other debris on the coils can interfere with heat transfer. The refrigerant is then unable to cool the air properly and efficiently decrease the humidity in your house. This can leave you feeling hot, sticky, and uncomfortable.

In addition to your house feeling hot and humid, you may also notice your air conditioner is constantly running. Dirty coils will make your AC unit work harder and use more energy. Your energy bills will likely spike, even though you’re not feeling like your cooling needs are being met. You can help prevent and address this issue by keeping the components of your air conditioner clean. In some cases, professional attention may be required. An HVAC expert can get to the root of the problem and provide you with the best solution. If you need help, be sure to turn to the team at Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating.

2. AC Evaporator Coils Are Frozen

Another potential problem could be frozen evaporator coils. Ice and frost may build up on the coils, which also prevents the refrigerant from working properly. It’s no longer able to absorb the heat and moisture from your home, keeping your rooms feeling hot and muggy. As long as the coils are frozen, you’re not going to feel relief with your air conditioner.

Dirty air filters, low refrigerant levels, clogged drains, blocked condenser units, and other interferences can lead to freezing. You’ll need to turn off your air conditioner and give the coils time to thaw. Clean your air filters, and if there’s still an obvious issue, contact an HVAC contractor. Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating can clear drains, identify and repair refrigerant leaks, and perform maintenance to prevent the coils from freezing again.

3. You’re Using the Wrong AC Settings

Air conditioners often have many different settings, dials, timers, and buttons that activate various features. If you’re sweating and not feeling better when the air conditioner is operating, check the settings. If it’s not on “cold,” has an energy saver feature turned on, or you’re just using the fan instead of the actual air conditioner, it may not be cooling the indoor air at all. One of the most common issues is that the fan or blower is running, which makes it sounds like the AC unit is on, but it’s really not.

When in doubt, check out all the settings, look at a remote if you have one, and consult the owner’s manual. Pay attention to the air coming out of your unit and figure out if it’s cool or if it just feels like it’s blowing warm, room temperature air back out at you.

4. Your Air Conditioner Is Old

Air conditioners don’t last forever. If you’re struggling with a humid home and the air conditioner feels like it’s doing nothing, it might be too old to operate properly. Check out other potential issues, but be conscious of your warranty and when you bought the appliance.

Often, there’s a one-year warranty or other limitations, so your only option may be to replace your air conditioner. If that’s the case, consider professional AC installation services from Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating. We provide help to homeowners in Irving and the surrounding areas to ensure their air conditioners are installed correctly. We also offer maintenance to make sure your air conditioner is performing at its optimal performance.

5. Outdoor Humidity Is Very High

If it feels like there’s extra moisture in the air when you’re spending time indoors, the problem may have nothing to do with your air conditioner at all. It’s possible the humidity outside is just extremely high. Check the weather conditions, and then see what the humidity levels are like. If it’s a very hot day and it’s storming, the weather could be your problem.

If you live in an area that’s always hot and sticky or frequently experiences storms during the hot summer months, you might want to look into other cooling options for your home. Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating can help you understand what all of your heating and cooling options are and figure out what’s best for your climate, your home, your budget, and your family’s needs.

6. Your Home Is Too Crowded

If your air conditioner normally does a great job at cooling and dehumidifying your house but it’s starting to feel sticky when you have guests over, your home could be too crowded. Lots of people in the house can lead to extra moisture in the air from warm bodies and perspiration. This could be a reason why your air conditioner might not work as effectively at reducing high humidity levels.

Be conscious of how many people are crowded in certain areas of your residence. Avoid overcrowding when you can. If you have lots of active children at home, plan to frequently have guests over, or just have a big family, you might need a different method for cooling your home. Contact an HVAC professional to confirm if this is the issue, and then seek alternative air conditioning options to compensate for a crowded home.

7. You’re Cooking or Bathing

While it may seem very simple, cooking or bathing can boost the humidity levels in your house. Boiling water or cooking foods that release lots of steam could put a lot of moisture into the indoor air. Similarly, taking a hot bath or shower can do the same thing. If it feels extra humid when you’re at home, pay attention to if it’s during mealtimes or bathing times.

If your indoor climate is easily affected by these tasks, you might need to seek a different way to cool your property.

High levels of humidity in your living space can lead to a series of issues. Potential concerns include health issues like overheating, dehydration, fatigue, lightheadedness, heatstroke, fainting, and hyperthermia. You could also face interior damage, such as peeling paint, curling wallpaper, and mold or mildew, which can also cause health concerns. Excessive humidity can damage your air conditioning unit, causing your energy bills to skyrocket and forcing you to replace your AC unit.

Seek Professional Help

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