Quality Ductless AC in Flower Mound

Avoid heat exhaustion, heat fatigue and dehydration during the summer by installing a mini-split air conditioner in Flower Mound, TX. If your home doesn’t have an AC system set up yet, ductless air conditioning is one of the best choices you can make. Unlike with central AC systems, ductless systems do not require any custom ductwork to be installed. This significantly lowers the installation cost and time. On top of that, this type of AC system has a high capacity and is energy efficient. It has a higher performance than portable options and other styles.

Each mini-split will have a maximum amount of space that it can cool. Unlike central AC systems, these units cannot cool down your entire home all at once. Instead, you’ll need to set up various zones and install a unit in each zone. Each unit will be responsible for cooling down a certain volume of space. This also means that you can set a different desired desired temperature at each zone. Many people may want to have a cooler bedroom than kitchen. A cooler bedroom can improve your overall quality of sleep, so you have a better night’s rest.