Texas homeowners know summer means high temperatures and humidity. When the temperatures climb to 100 degrees, nothing feels better than relaxing in a cool, comfortable home. You have a lot of options for cooling your home in Flower Mound. One option is a ductless mini-split system. Also known as a heat pump, ductless mini-splits have advantages and disadvantages over a traditional HVAC system. At Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating, our expert technicians are here to recommend the right ductless mini-split for your home.

How a Ductless Mini-Split Works

A ductless mini-split is a system that offers both heating and cooling functions. This system consists of an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handler. A conduit containing the power cables, drain line and tubing connects the indoor and outdoor units. The technician installs the indoor unit on an exterior wall away from your electronics. We’ll place the outdoor unit on a concrete pad outside. Then, we drill a small hole in the wall and insert the lines that connect the two units. Homeowners control the temperature and airflow using a remote control or thermostat.

The ductless mini-split cools your home by drawing warm indoor air into the inside unit. This warm air travels through the lines to the outside unit. Once the air reaches the outside unit, the air passes over the condenser coils. The refrigerant inside the coils draws the heat out of the air. This process lowers the temperature of the air. The refrigerant turns into a gas. Cool air returns to the indoor air handler through the lines. The indoor air handler blows the cooled air into your home. The mini-split repeats this process until your home reaches the specified temperature.

The Pros of Owning a Ductless Mini-Split

Homeowners often choose ductless mini-split systems because of these benefits:

Improved Energy Efficiency

As energy prices rise, homeowners often express concerns about energy efficiency. A ductless mini-split system offers more energy efficiency than a traditional HVAC system. A traditional HVAC system requires ductwork to distribute air through your home. As your home ages, the ducts also experience wear and tear. Air may leak through tears at the ducts’ joints, which decreases your home’s energy efficiency. Since ductless systems don’t rely on ductwork to heat and cool, you don’t have to worry about energy losses.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Ductless mini-splits often provide better indoor air quality than a traditional HVAC system. A regular HVAC system accumulates dust, debris, pet dander and other particles. As the air conditioner operates, the unit may blow these particles into the ducts and your home. This dust and dirt may build up in the ductwork and cause unpleasant odors. When you have a ductless mini-split, you don’t have to worry about dirt entering your home through ductwork. For even better air quality, you can ask about a ductless system with advanced air filtering.

Better Air Distribution

Mini-split systems offer more opportunities for customization. A traditional HVAC system’s ducts may not reach all areas of your home. If you notice cool or hot spots in your home, your HVAC system is not able to move air through your entire home. A ductless mini-split offers the ability to add zones to your home and reach those areas. If you add a room to your home, you can’t extend your ductwork to reach those areas. An indoor air handler can help you stay comfortable in that addition, garage or workshop.

Customized Temperature Control

If you and your family fight over the thermostat, a ductless system lets every family member customize their room’s temperature. Our technicians at Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating can create a heating and cooling system with multiple zones to satisfy every family member. The family member who is always cold can turn up the heat in their zone.

Comfort for Homes Without Ductwork

Installing ductwork in your home is often too expensive and time-consuming. If your home doesn’t have ductwork, you don’t have to rely on window air conditioners and fans to stay cool during the Texas summers. A ductless mini-split offers the benefits of an HVAC system without the ductwork.

The Cons of Owning a Ductless Mini-Split

Before you choose a ductless mini-split for your Flower Mound home, you should consider these disadvantages:

The Affect on Your Home’s Look

When we install a traditional HVAC system, we place the unit in a closet or other area where it won’t be visible. With a ductless mini-split, the indoor air handlers are out in the open. When we install the indoor air handler, we often must place the unit on the wall or the ceiling. Even though ductless mini-splits are fairly small, many homeowners don’t like the look of them in their homes. Some new ductless mini-splits are available to complement different interior design styles, but they will still be visible.

More Expensive Than a Traditional HVAC

Depending on the type of mini-split you choose, you may spend more money up front to install a mini-split. A single-zone mini-split has one indoor air handler and one outdoor unit. These systems may be the most economical option. Dual-zone and multi-zone systems have more than one air handler, which adds to the installation costs. Each indoor air handler requires drilling holes in the walls, installing lines and adding control units. Expenses for parts and labor can add up quickly.

Difficulty Cooling During Extreme Temperatures

Texas summers often mean extremely high temperatures and high humidity. A ductless mini-split may struggle to cool your home. These systems may lose efficiency when temperatures approach 100 degrees. You may need to supplement your mini-split with an additional fan or window unit during an extreme heat wave.

The Heating, Cooling and Air Quality Experts

At Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating, we’re a family-owned and operated business. We understand how important your family’s comfort is. That’s why we make customer service our focus. We want Flower Mound residents to trust us with all their heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs. When you call us, our friendly team members can help you select the right furnace, air conditioner or mini-split for your home.

If you’re having trouble with your HVAC system, our trained technicians will use their expertise to diagnose and solve your problem. You also can count on us for your annual and winter maintenance. Our tune-up service can extend the life of your heating and cooling system. You also may enjoy lower utility bills. During your maintenance appointment, we’ll clean the system and ensure all parts are functioning properly.

In addition to offering a full range of HVAC services, we also offer solutions for your indoor air quality issues. Our air purifiers can remove harmful viruses, mold and mildew from your indoor air. We offer HEPA, ultrasonic, carbon and other air purifiers. If your indoor air is too dry, we have a humidifier that can make your home more comfortable. When damp air is taking over your home, our dehumidifiers can take away the extra moisture.

Don’t wait for the summer temperatures to rise. Contact Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating for your ductless mini-split installation today.

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